Company Restructure

Are you considering winding down your business? Do you, or does one of your business partners want out of the business? Are you considering buying or selling an existing business? Do you want to restructure your partnership or sole proprietorship as a limited liability company or corporation?

there are three critical hurdles or challenges that management faces in any restructuring program:

1. Design. What type of restructuring is appropriate for dealing with the specific challenge, problem, or opportunity that the company faces?

2. Execution. How should the restructuring process be managed and the many barriers to restructuring overcome so that as much value is created as possible?

3. Marketing. How should the restructuring be explained and portrayed to investors so that value created inside the company is fully credited to its stock price?

Failure to address any one of these challenges can cause the restructuring to fail.

At China Commercial Law Firm Law Firm, our business law attorneys can serve as your legal partners in a business dissolution, buyout, business restructuring, or the purchase or sale of an existing business. In addition to our experience in corporate and business law, we use our knowledge of tax law and business litigation to help companies successfully manage change.

Contact our law firm to discuss solutions to your business' changing needs. We can help you consider the cost of business litigation, the likely outcome, and cost-effective alternatives to litigation.

We help our business clients find positive solutions in the following situations:

  • Buyouts: When a business owner or partner wants to depart, we can help your company weigh your options and the tax implications of a buyout — whether through a cross purchase or a redemption of company stock. We know how to negotiate the price of a buyout, draft and structure the buyout agreement and avoid litigation.
  • Restructuring a business: Perhaps your business was never set up properly or the way it was structured no longer works. Our attorneys can help restructure your company and select the right business entity after considering your tax goals, tolerance for personal liability, and needs related to management and operation of your business. Whether you want to restructure as a limited liability company (LLC), Sub S Corporation, or limited partnership, we can handle all of the legal details.
  • Purchase or sale of a business: Our firm provides sound legal advice and business planning services for clients buying or selling a business. From assessing the value of the business, to the buy-sell agreement, to the financing agreement, to restructuring the business—you can count on us to protect your interests.
  • Business Dissolution: Whether you are selling or closing down your business, our lawyers are available to help with negotiating the sale of the company, negotiating with creditors, structuring the sale to minimize tax implications, filing tax returns and advising on the orderly sale or dissolution of your business.

Our firm is also available to help your company make changes in operating agreements or bylaws, renegotiate personal loan guarantees, and address other needed changes in connection with a buyout, restructuring, sale or dissolution.

Contact our firm to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced business lawyers about restructuring your business, or other business legal needs.

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