Foreign Direct Investment

We have extensive experience forming companies in Shenzhen, China. China's revised company laws further liberalize foreign investment in China and create even greater opportunities for foreign companies to register directly in China. As leading Shenzhen company lawyer, we provide various service in Guangdong area. We have Dongguan lawyer, guangzhou lawyer, Foshan lawyer, Zhongshan lawyer, Nanhai lawyer ready to serve our client.

Registering a company in China is very different from registering a company in the United States or Europe. Registering a company in China requires much more than filling out a few forms and paying a small fee. It requires the company seeking to go into China to explain to the Chinese government exactly what its plans will be in China and to secure all or nearly all necessary approvals. In the United States and in Europe, registering a company is usually just a first step to securing the licenses, permits, identification numbers and approvals to do business. That is not the case in China. In China, those licenses, permits, identification numbers and approvals must be secured before registration can occur. So though it is complicated and time consuming to register a business in China, once registered, the newly formed company is fully ready to conduct business.

As a leading law firm in China, this shenzhen law firm has extensive experience in providing legal service to both multinationals investing in China and domestic companies receiving investments from their foreign peers.  We have worked on many high profile projects in a wide range of industries.  We assist our clients during each individual stage of their projects as well as throughout the entire investment process.  This includes advising our clients in determining the most effective structuring of their deals, assisting in the evaluation of potential business partners and locations and performing due diligence on target companies or assets. Additionally, we draft, review and comment on transactional documents, negotiate all terms of these documents on our client’s behalf, and monitor the complete investment or divestment process for our clients in order to safeguard against possible pitfalls. Due to our experience we are able to help clients effortlessly navigate through the often complicated and unpredictable project process.

Our practice area includes the following services:

  • Acquisitions of Business and Assets by Foreign Investors
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Establishment of Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIEs)
  • Establishment of Representative Offices
  • Liquidation and Dissolution of FIEs
  • Ongoing Legal Advice to FIEs
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Restructuring and Share Transfer of FIEs
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