International Trade

Trading products globally involves customs and other authorities Worldwide. Customs tariffs and indirect taxation directly affect costs and profits. International trade agreements and import and export regulations encompass many areas, ranging from food safety to dual use technology. Providing the proper documentation is essential to secure smooth passage.

Our Firm is one of few China firms to boast a Customs & International Trade Group. Centred in Shenzhen,Guangdong, the firm's specialists can handle customs and trade issues in all Asia jurisdictions. We provide advice to and representation of global clients on many types of customs and trade matters before national courts and administrations and advise on compliance.

With increasing volatility in worldwide commodity markets and prices, both Chinese and foreign companies have been expanding their agricultural product, precious/base metal, fuel oil and other commodity-related investments in China.  At present, the commodities markets in China are still in a development stage, with only a few exchanges in China trading in a small group of commodities.  In the next few years, the Chinese government will gradually allow more commodities products to be traded in China along with various related derivatives.   In addition, foreign invested enterprises will be allowed to have an increasingly larger role in the commodities industry in China.  Our firm’s attorneys are already assisting its clients on entering the Chinese market and/or expand their pre-existing operations in China. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with clients at all levels and areas of the commodities business and their specific issues, including products producers, financial institutions, and trading companies (involved in both spot and futures trading).  As legal advisors in this area, we provide assistance in:

  • Advising on the latest local laws and regulations regarding all aspects of physical trade of goods and commodities/derivatives trading; and
  • Initial foreign direct investment set up of a commodities-related business in China; and
  • Structuring of trading and commodity-related investment transactions; and
  • Acquisition of interest in a local trading or brokerage firm; and
  • Commercial litigation of contractual disputes 
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